Our team of experts;


Stu Conroy


After a career in IT in investment Banking Risk Management I looked to set up a small business. Taking products from the East End of London and selling them online. Over the last 18 years Activ8 has been involved in multiple channels from manufacturing and distribution to selling on Websites and Amazon. I have sat across the table as a brand owner, so have an empathetic view to the challenges facing small businesses and my corporate background also provided me into the insight of larger organisations. I believe in delivering transparent services to brand owners, so they can target those parts of life they enjoy the most. I’m a great believer in getting people to do what they love, and we provide a more holistic strategy around business and life goals. Away from work if I’m not looking for my golf ball I’m enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with the family and friends or learning from those that inspire me in life.

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Gary Clark

Online Brand Manager

After 15 years as a professional golfer chasing a little white ball around the world I settled for a real job in eCommerce, so here I am with Activ8. I am married with two lovely children Max 13 and Grace 12. Family life takes up a lot of my time nowadays, mainly driving the kids here, there and everywhere. Outside of work, when I have time, I play a little golf (obviously), go mountain biking and play football (badly). I have been with Activ8 for over 7 years now and very excited about the journey ahead.


Hristina Kaikova

Head of Finance

I am Hristina and YES you are reading this correctly my name is spelt with “H”. As my colleagues will say I am different not only by name but also for the fact that I am a fun accountant. I am an avid travel fan. In my organised world I have managed to complete my Chartered Accounts qualification alongside my Agricultural University degree and to top that up travel around the world in parallel to studying. From Seattle to India and Bali, I would love to complete the 7 wonders of the world in the next couple of years. My other passion is sports. Doing charity runs between 5km and half marathons gives me the satisfaction of helping others. Ideally my aim is to do a full marathon. Life gives you many choices and opportunities. It is up to you to grab them with both hands and live your life to the fullest. Make the most of it and be part of Activ8.


Elliot Cooper-Kemp

Account Manager

I am a very passionate chef and enjoy taking the time to cook large meals with several courses for families and friends and sometime big occasions. I take my passion of cooking and apply it to everyday life and my work by using the patience cooking requires to control different aspects I may have ongoing.

I also enjoy collecting modern art and studying the expressions the artist inputs in to their masterpieces. My collection is continuously growing, my favourite upcoming artist is Jacky Tsia. I use my love for art in everyday life and work by analysing and breaking down complex matters or issues, to look at art can sometimes be confusing or have an overwhelming amount of information and emotions. This allows me to break down the elephant in to smaller chunks and see the route of the solution.


Kamila Michalak

Financial Accountant

My name is Kamila. I have my completed master’s degree in Economics. I am a cycling lover with a mileage over 2K per year. I love it because it improves my fitness, gives me freedom and possibilities to explore the sights and sounds of life in the city or countryside. Since I took up cycling I felt healthier and my energy level increased. It also helps our environment to stay clean and safe. I am also passionate about skincare cosmetics and its powerful ingredients. I am a big fan of Korean skincare regime which I follow on daily basis. This passion gave me opportunity to educate myself and share my expertise with others.


Jack Newman

Sales Account Manager

My name is Jack I’m 26 years old and I am one of the Sales Account Managers for Activ8. I have a strong passion for sports such as football, boxing and motorsport. In my spare time me and my fiancé share a strong interest in collecting expensive vintage, unusual furniture and housewares from all over the country for our home. I am father to my young daughter Olive-Ella aged 4 who very much keeps me on my toes and is simply the love of my life, we love spending time together over the local parks and walking our French bulldog in the forest on the weekends. The reasons I am so dedicated, driven and strive to succeed is so I can enjoy the life I have created with my family.


Ian Booth

Systems Manager / Trade Manager

12 Years with Activ8, Married Dad of five children three boys two girls ranging from 12 weeks to 19 years. I enjoy most sports ( Liverpool fan) and just taken up fishing again with my boys after 20 years. I Look after the trade website and have experience with Ebay, Amazon and 3rd Party websites like shopify.


Adam Billingham

Warehouse Manager

When I'm not making sure things are in straight lines in the warehouse and everything is in its place, I enjoy being with my boy's Henry 11, Hayden 7- just having fun and making memories.

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Beata Lebiest

Warehouse Assistant

I'm a friendly, honest and hardworking individual and am always willing to help warehousing is my big passion, because I'm crazy about boxes, but my biggest love is animals, the cuddlier the better