ecommerce customer service provider

eCommerce Customer Service Provider

We make customer service easy by incorporating this into our fully outsourced eCommerce team. We know whats been shipped and when it's been shipped.

Activ8 provide customer service beyond channel guidelines to ensure the customers experience the brand as the brand owner intends. Customer service can suffer when volumes are low as it is of secondary importance to sale acquisition. Alternatively it can start off as a passionate goal to give full and authentic answers which over time as volumes increase become harder to manage with other challenges in the business. 

Our guidelines and operation of customer service for our clients is laid out at the start, tweaked if necessary and executed consistently. We see customer service as a sales tool and an information guide for improved content or manufacturing feedback.

Customer Service for eCommerce Businesses

Services we offer through ourselves or our global partners:

  • Customer Service (Voice)
  • Email Customer Service
  • Social Media Customer Service
  • Review Management
  • Brand Integrity management
  • Returns Handling