Amazon Suspension and appeal  management

Amazon Suspension Appeals

It is every sellers fear. Being shut down when you feel like you have done nothing wrong. Having nobody pick up the phone to you whilst your business appears to be going down the drain. 

There is often simple reasons why your account has been suspended and we work with a number of lawyers and experts worldwide that have had great success with our clients. Often you will be at the mercy of being caught up amongst those that are trying to trick the system. It is unfortunate, we have been there ourselves, many times in 12 years on Amazon, but all is not lost.

Appealing Amazon Suspension Service

  • Free consultation
  • Low fee, high success rate.
  • Proven specialists
  • Work on denied appeals

Whilst we can not guarantee success, dependent on circumstances, all sellers that we have worked with have had their accounts or listings reinstated. 

We'll set you up with one of our trusted solicitors and make sure you get the right expert fighting your corner. Often it's how you word an appeal or how you present the facts and we only use those that have proven themselves to ourselves or our clients.

  • You'll get the best advice 24 hours a day until it is resolved.
  • A clear plan of action for Amazon.
  • As many actions as it takes to get your account reinstated.
  • Advice on future proofing and best practices.