Decision Paralysis?

Our mission is to help businesses declutter and do the things they love. With such a fast paced period of change in consumer habits which can lead to a tangled mess where making a simple decision can look daunting. 

In the last weeks we have seen the closure of 100 Carphone Warehouse stores, 100 Marks & Spencer stores, Maplins, Toys "R" Us, Tesco Direct and nearly 30 Mothercare stores to name a few distinct to the UK market. Are they all going to Amazon? Can Amazon house all of those products and maintain a leading consumer experience of search?

Last week at Activ8 HQ we discussed how we help our clients who are procrastinating through decision paralysis to make the decision to use our services? Whether you are a start up not knowing where to begin or a company with an existing large channel presence, the changing environment can look challenging. You are not alone and many of the board rooms or founders we meet face the same challenges. Through our analytics we can highlight areas of opportunity, supply chain issues and various other factors that allow the possibility of a more strategic vision for the future. 

The one thing we focus on is simplicity. We read the line "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it" in a business book many years ago and adopted that approach. We built our service offering in light of the demands of new markets, new media platforms, new competitive threats and many more considerations. At our heart is a system of managing the platforms and working with partners of expertise when and if they are needed.

Whether you choose to take up our offer of free analytics or an initial discussion to identify your challenges, the goal is to map out a clear vision of the future.