Marketplace data could gain you significantly more revenue.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it"

Are you getting the full picture on your data. We see many brands ignoring the data from Marketplaces as too complex, unattainable or not worth worrying about. We're telling some interesting stories to brands as we delve deeper into their data and showing how many of their sales are actually being derived from sites such as Amazon or eBay. How many wholesale sales in Germany are actually to UK customers as end users, how wholesale sales in Japan are affecting profits in North America have been a couple of the stories this week.

We have spent the first part of 2018 improving how we show our analytics to our clients. In the USA now it is estimated that 60% of consumers now go to Amazon rather than Google for their product searches. So in terms of your analytics that you are seeing, are you seeing the Amazon data alongside your traditional analytics? How are your eBay sales impacting your brand? What pricing are your resellers actually selling for when you're not looking?

Our new suite of data visualisation has been well received as we identify trends in conversions on Amazon against Google for specific campaigns. Drilling down into patterns of consumer journeys in relation to Marketplaces has been the stuff of guesswork and assumption to this point but our goal is to truly represent the source of sales.

It's not just sales though that we track.

  • We have saved our clients thousands of pounds on stock reconciliations with Amazon.
  • Identified global leaks in supply chain.
  • Streamlined marketplace processes for as much as 20% revenue increases.
  • Optimised SEO through A/B testing.
  • Reduced customer service questions by 50%
  • Reduced returns for one client by 30% through content and process changes.

If you would like a free consultation on data for your brand on Marketplaces across the world contact our team and you may just end up changing the way you do business. 

(One of 30 reports we run is below but we are only interest in showing brand owners what is relevant to their business)

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