Amazon SFP - have you noticed the change?

When I signed up to Amazon Prime, what seems like a lifetime ago, one of the big lures was free next day delivery. Getting my item by 1 pm next day made me understand why I was signing up for the Prime service. 

Now you may have noticed that when you purchase through Prime the days of delivery are a little longer than usual. It still says Prime but the delivery time has been moved to the day after tomorrow. This may just have you sweating over that delivery of draw tidies you ordered, maybe not. Perhaps I just got to use to it and just assumed it would be next day but last week when going to order some football socks my son was desperate for it was a two-day delivery. Ridiculous. 

Now I don't actually mind but I feel rather annoyed, particularly being in the industry that there was not more announcement of SFP and what it actually means.

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)allows proven fulfillment companies, of which we are one, to ship orders under the Prime banner. You'll notice on your listings that the days start extending before the tomorrow at 1 pm expectation under Fulfilled by Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) orders. Due to the fact, Amazon has to send out their logistics companies to pick orders up the next day delivery gets pushed back. We've just set this up with our partners in the USA and as you would imagine it takes a little more to service all of the states in comparison to the UK.

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