Do you know who is selling your products online?

As globalisation continues it has never been easier to sell your products on channels across the globe. Unfortunately it also means that it have never been easier for others to sell your products also.

Working with our clients we are able to provide them more information on where there products are selling, how many are selling and provide an indication of how much revenue they are leaving behind. Now for some brand owners they will feel like they know where they are selling products but around seven years ago we had a couple of examples.

We were doing reasonably well selling wholesale to a client in Japan. At the same time we were able to see that somebody was selling our products into Amazon USA and discounting our products. Through testing we were able to see that it was our Japanese wholesaler. They weren't developing our Japanese market but were piggy backing off the marketing work being carried out in the USA.

In a second example a boutique store was selling more than ten times what we thought they should be selling given their location. Some research and test purchases allowed us to see their sales on a marketplace site as heavily discounted prices. We were selling stock but it was severely impacting our ability to get larger retail on board. 

Our analytics suite that we have developed has allowed us to gain data from a multitude of platforms alongside client performance analytics to identify where our products and those of our clients are being sold. 

Small businesses can often be eager to get sales of their products out the door without truly understanding where those products will end up. In a recent client review we were able to show how their exciting distribution deal in France was actually all ending up in Amazon Vendor and being sold in the UK. Their UK direct to consumer revenue was dwindling and they couldn't understand why, who was selling to Amazon and why their marketing spend in the UK market was going down the pan. 

Clarity of who is selling your products is essential if you really want to build even a local operation. Unless you are only selling direct to consumer and on limited channels then we can help you get to know who is selling your products.