How to sell on Amazon

How to sell on Amazon?

It's a question more and more people are asking as the marketplace becomes more dominant in modern commerce. From start up to established brands, we have seen an increasing number of clients approach us regarding their strategy primarily around either selling directly on Amazon or how best to incorporate it as part of a holistic strategy. 

We have helped sellers create over 10 million unit sales on the platform and one thing is clear is that any strategy you choose will need constant analysis and review like any good business practice. We see lots of companies and specialists charging for their expertise but fall short of building long terms plans for their clients or peers.

At Activ8 we help brands from Adidas to Richmond & Finch build comprehensive strategies to get the best operational marketing benefits for their brands on Amazon as part of a holistic approach to their strategies in general.

How to sell on Amazon USA from the UK?

It's another question that we are regularly asked but although there are differnet considerations and often the US version of Amazon has more available features than in other territories, the basics remain very much the same.

If you search forums it is filled with stories of woe of those that have failed and blame Amazon yet the majority of clients who have set up quickly have tended to set up incorrectly. If you were to set up a store on the high street tomorrow you would no doubt carry out due diligence, market research and analysis and in many ways the cost prohibitive nature of just setting up a store means you do more work beforehand.

The ease of getting your products on Amazon (for many brands their customers have already started selling the products on there) means that for many they go gung ho into the arena without much pause for thought. It’s easy, looks like you’ll get sales so dive on in. The harsh reality comes back to bite them as they realise certain rules of selling are different, the size of Amazon means that they are in the uquivalent of the back of a large superstore on the bottom shelf where only the most bored or determined bargain hunters may go.

Our unique service offering allows you to tap in to our expertise at a cost effective level to determine if in the first place the platform is right for you, what factors you will need to consider in yoru current operation and how you can best utilise the platform. We’re here to help and don’t be offended if we say you’re not ready to sell.

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