Decision Paralysis?

Our mission is to help businesses declutter and do the things they love. With such a fast paced period of change in consumer habits which can lead to a tangled mess where making a simple decision can look daunting. 

In the last weeks we have seen the closure of 100 Carphone Warehouse stores, 100 Marks & Spencer stores, Maplins, Toys "R" Us, Tesco Direct and nearly 30 Mothercare stores to name a few distinct to the UK market. Are they all going to Amazon? Can Amazon house all of those products and maintain a leading consumer experience of search?

Last week at Activ8 HQ we discussed how we help our clients who are procrastinating through decision paralysis to make the decision to use our services? Whether you are a start up not knowing where to begin or a company with an existing large channel presence, the changing environment can look challenging. You are not alone and many of the board rooms or founders we meet face the same challenges. Through our analytics we can highlight areas of opportunity, supply chain issues and various other factors that allow the possibility of a more strategic vision for the future. 

The one thing we focus on is simplicity. We read the line "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it" in a business book many years ago and adopted that approach. We built our service offering in light of the demands of new markets, new media platforms, new competitive threats and many more considerations. At our heart is a system of managing the platforms and working with partners of expertise when and if they are needed.

Whether you choose to take up our offer of free analytics or an initial discussion to identify your challenges, the goal is to map out a clear vision of the future. 


Do you know who is selling your products online?

As globalisation continues it has never been easier to sell your products on channels across the globe. Unfortunately it also means that it have never been easier for others to sell your products also.

Working with our clients we are able to provide them more information on where there products are selling, how many are selling and provide an indication of how much revenue they are leaving behind. Now for some brand owners they will feel like they know where they are selling products but around seven years ago we had a couple of examples.

We were doing reasonably well selling wholesale to a client in Japan. At the same time we were able to see that somebody was selling our products into Amazon USA and discounting our products. Through testing we were able to see that it was our Japanese wholesaler. They weren't developing our Japanese market but were piggy backing off the marketing work being carried out in the USA.

In a second example a boutique store was selling more than ten times what we thought they should be selling given their location. Some research and test purchases allowed us to see their sales on a marketplace site as heavily discounted prices. We were selling stock but it was severely impacting our ability to get larger retail on board. 

Our analytics suite that we have developed has allowed us to gain data from a multitude of platforms alongside client performance analytics to identify where our products and those of our clients are being sold. 

Small businesses can often be eager to get sales of their products out the door without truly understanding where those products will end up. In a recent client review we were able to show how their exciting distribution deal in France was actually all ending up in Amazon Vendor and being sold in the UK. Their UK direct to consumer revenue was dwindling and they couldn't understand why, who was selling to Amazon and why their marketing spend in the UK market was going down the pan. 

Clarity of who is selling your products is essential if you really want to build even a local operation. Unless you are only selling direct to consumer and on limited channels then we can help you get to know who is selling your products.

Marketplace data could gain you significantly more revenue.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it"

Are you getting the full picture on your data. We see many brands ignoring the data from Marketplaces as too complex, unattainable or not worth worrying about. We're telling some interesting stories to brands as we delve deeper into their data and showing how many of their sales are actually being derived from sites such as Amazon or eBay. How many wholesale sales in Germany are actually to UK customers as end users, how wholesale sales in Japan are affecting profits in North America have been a couple of the stories this week.

We have spent the first part of 2018 improving how we show our analytics to our clients. In the USA now it is estimated that 60% of consumers now go to Amazon rather than Google for their product searches. So in terms of your analytics that you are seeing, are you seeing the Amazon data alongside your traditional analytics? How are your eBay sales impacting your brand? What pricing are your resellers actually selling for when you're not looking?

Our new suite of data visualisation has been well received as we identify trends in conversions on Amazon against Google for specific campaigns. Drilling down into patterns of consumer journeys in relation to Marketplaces has been the stuff of guesswork and assumption to this point but our goal is to truly represent the source of sales.

It's not just sales though that we track.

  • We have saved our clients thousands of pounds on stock reconciliations with Amazon.
  • Identified global leaks in supply chain.
  • Streamlined marketplace processes for as much as 20% revenue increases.
  • Optimised SEO through A/B testing.
  • Reduced customer service questions by 50%
  • Reduced returns for one client by 30% through content and process changes.

If you would like a free consultation on data for your brand on Marketplaces across the world contact our team and you may just end up changing the way you do business. 

(One of 30 reports we run is below but we are only interest in showing brand owners what is relevant to their business)

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 21.23.44.png


We're seeking an enthusiastic, self-motivated and friendly Business Performance Analyst to join the Activ8 retail team. To apply, email your CV and a covering letter to

Who we are:

Activ8 is a leading strategy consultancy focused on helping brands and retailers grow their business on Amazon and other online marketplaces. Working alongside partners we take a holistic approach to having products placed in key retail alongside our online expertise.

We practice maximising the opportunity of a platform like Amazon by leveraging proven e-commerce strategies, product data, customer insights and operational excellence.

We have helped our clients sell more than 10 million units on the Amazon platform alone but also provide expertise in Shopify, Magento web solutions alongside SEO, PPC and Content Marketing.

Who we are looking for:

Activ8 is seeking an experienced Business Performance Analyst to directly inform and support marketplace growth initiatives as a trusted consultant to our largest clients. In this role, you will work directly with some exciting start ups alongside established brands, creating strategic and tactical engagement plans to generate incremental revenue growth on Amazon and other major eCommerce channels.

What you’ll do: 

Provide guidance for our clients on how to:

  • Direct strategy (and potentially execution) for key marketplace channels like Amazon working within any brand, budget or staffing limitations.
  • Work with internal and external operation and content resources to ensure that products stay in-stock and findable by marketplace consumers.
  • Manage and optimize budgets and promotions to ensure maximum impact and ROI 
  • Understand the needs, capacities, operational mechanisms, and pertinent performance data metrics of major eCommerce channels.
  • Implement solutions to manage product data and content to service multiple eCommerce channels.

What you’ll need: 

  • Experience working with eCommerce retail channels, with a focus on Amazon and other marketplaces. Roles could include experience as a Vendor Manager, Inventory Manager, or Product Manager within a major eCommerce retail channel or as a Manager or greater-level position with responsibility for eCommerce within branded manufacturer.
  • Ideally have an understanding of the following for major eCommerce marketplace channels:
    • Operational and personnel structures of major eCommerce marketplaces.
    • Vendor contract terms and tenets of effective complex revenue-generating deals.
    • Promotions and merchandising programs, including how to determine optimal promotions spend for short-term ROI and LTV, and how to execute promotions.
    • Optimal assortment strategies and new item setup processes and requirements
    • Forecasting models and supply chain processes.
    • Track record of growing both top line revenue and profitability for brands on eCommerce retail channels.
  • Fluency in new technologies and current trends in eCommerce.
  • Strong presentation and communication skills
  • European languages would be useful

Activ8 was established in 2000 and has a solid understanding of eCommerce in the modern consumer space. We want hard working self-starters who aren't afraid to ask questions and have a can do attitude to serving the needs of our clients. 

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.