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we are activ8


we are activ8

About Us

Well we’re a bit different here at Activ8. We're online product specialists.

We started in 2000 with the goal of focusing on the online market but have learnt many lessons in what that means in having a holistic approach. Activ8 knows what it takes to successfully deliver a product to market in the online world working alongside traditional bricks and mortar outlets. Since 2011 we have been helping brands, follow the same route we gained success with ourselves, providing them with the necessary services they need to be successful in the online space. With a well-established network of retail and distribution partnerships Activ8 helps build cohesive strategies that compliment our online services. 

Our specialist online services help us stand out for both new and established brands. Understanding platforms such as Amazon & eBay, fulfilling orders from own brand websites, social media, PPC and SEO campaigns our modular approach allows brands to cherry pick the aspects they need help with. We work with major distributors and niche outfits to deliver products into stores such as Selfridges, Harrods, The Conran Shop amongst others.

Founded in 2000 in Watford in Hertfordshire by husband and wife team Stuart and Zoe Conroy, Activ8 has established itself as a respected, innovative and award winning accessory manufacturer, distributor, etailer and digital business. Having been on the Fast Track 100 of Britain’s leading companies two years running we have a focus on delivering excellence. Our multi faceted history helps us  

3PL Plus

At Activ8 we have evolved from an online distributor and marketplace expert into a service provider for brands that need the same attention to detail that brought success to our own products. Since 2000 we have been focused on consumer electronic accessories but now have branched out our expertise to help brands in diverse sectors from sports equipment to health and safety products and cosmetics. We understand the elements of online retailing and distribution that are essential in providing a solid framework for growth.

We coined the phrase 3PL Plus as we do so much more that just help with logistics. With a team that understands the online market we work with brands to put them in strong position to look at multi channel opportunities. We have developed a strong understanding of logistics and fulfilment to be able to deliver for brands depending on their ambitions and strategy. We work closely with distributors and retailers to ensure that the supply chain and brand messaging remain focal in a fully thought out process of delivery.

We have sold over 10 million products online and understand the needs of brands in the current market. Working closely with retail and distribution partners we have been able to secure better deals for brands as part of a holistic strategy.

.....The Plus Bit

Third party logistics generally leave the selling up to the brand themselves and fulfil the orders. We go that one step further to pass on our knowledge to help them sell. As trusted partners of Amazon across Europe we are able to build strategies that deliver.

We make your stock sweat that little bit more in being able to provide cost efficient logistics alongside streamlined marketing campaigns to ensure your money goes further. Anybody entering the UK market needs feet on the ground to make sure their brand is able to develop. Contracts with distributors and retailers can be restrictive so we do the leg work as your trusted partner.

·      Local Brand Websites

·      PPC and paid advertising

·      Social Media

·      Mail campaigns

·      Local customer service team and contact details.

·      Distribution

We provide a very simple billing structure to create transparency at the same time as allowing brands to easily calculate the cost of sale. We make it cost effective in choosing a partner that is already carrying out many of the tasks you require on a daily basis. The benefit for the brand is they don’t have to pay for those on their own. Our clients form USA, China, Taiwan, South Africa and beyond all need that certainty that they are dealing with a professional company that has a proven track record.

How do you start with Activ8?

We start with an audit of your brand, how it is currently positioned online and in the market generally and where you, the brand owner, want to get your products. We keep the simple things simple and focus on the crucial elements for providing the foundations for success that we brought to our own products. We have the empathy to understand the challenges a brand will face in getting their products in front of the right people.

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Our Core Values

Our Core Values


Activ8 people work together to understand each other’s needs and wants. This applies to all stakeholders; team members, customers, partners and suppliers. We want an enjoyable working environment to make sure we get the best out of each other. We have an inclusive approach focused on success for ourselves and our partners.


We always start with a 'can do' attitude and strive to achieve our goals. We believe working with Activ8 should always be a positive experience. We seek opportunities and find solutions that help us achieve our success.


Activ8 people take pride in what they do. We communicate progress and take responsibility for our results. We celebrate success and learn from our experiences. Our modular approach to our organisation ensures  that everyone knows the part they play in building our reputation. We're committed to our own growth as well as enabling it for those we work with. 

We are always LEARNING

Activ8 people are always looking at ways to improve, whether that is to develop their own skills or the way the company operates. We won’t treat every scenario the same, we're always looking for innovative solutions that benefit all involved. Our fluid approach means that every action is learnt from in order that we can achieve and deliver future success. 


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