Data driven marketplace solutions.

We love data but we don't always love spreadsheets. So we believe in keeping data visual so it's a clear reference guide to performance. Even if you choose not to take up our other services to make running your business easier, we recommend you use our data management to your advantage. 

What we noticed was that a lot of data was reviewed in isolation. Many companies provide data for how your performing for website traffic and bricks and mortar traffic but we bring those elements in together with marketplace data. Your marketing campaigns could be getting you more traffic than you think. Over the last year we've highlighted to companies where they are missing out on thousands of pounds worth of revenue  in the way they manage the channels their products are sold on.

We use all of this data to improve performance, increase revenue for brands, highlight opportunities and smooth out the management of running a multitude of channels at the same time. 

Some of the actions we derive from our analytics:

  • Analytics can be monitored for up to 99% of channels.
  • Visual Data allows management teams and operators manage their performance.
  • Highlight counterfeit sellers.
  • Assess traffic levels on channels across the world.
  • Improve visibility on marketing performance
  • Identify issues and opprtunities early in the product lifecycle.