Marketplace sales that make brand owners HAPPY


Marketplace sales that make brand owners HAPPY

We love a happy brand owner

Our entire focus is on making the complex simple!  Our aim is to work with brand owners to deliver their vision and greater sales through marketplaces such as - Amazon, eBay & Walmart

Why Amazon? – over 310 million users worldwide, over 100 million Prime Members.

Why eBay? – 80% of products sold on eBay are New Items, 87% of products are Buy it Now.

Why Walmart? - Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, Walmart’s key advantage over Amazon and eBay - its nationwide network of physical store locations.

Since 2000 we have adapted to the changes of consumer patterns. As the number of platforms for listing products or advertising grows, our agile approach brings clarity and planning for brand owners. Through our strategic network of global partners, alongside our own in-house skills, we keep brand owners doing what they love in their business. We believe this is the only way to success. 

Why choose Activ8 as your eCommerce Partner? 

With over 15 years of experience, we understand what it takes to manage successful brands online. We tailor a full eCommerce Strategy for your brand to maximize profits, exposure and sales.

Activ8 have a team of experienced individuals that can walk you through every step of your journey. 


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WE put the world in your hands

WE put the world in your hands

What our clients say

"The team at Activ8 have a unique and fresh approach to online commerce in Europe. We've been able to develop our band with trust at the heart of the relationship."
Office Supplies Company, USA

"We wanted a partner who would save us time and money and maintain our brand integrity. Lots of distributors or agencies told us they could put our products online. Activ8 have shown us they can sell our products."
Tech Accessories Company, USA

"With a luxury brand we wanted a partner we could trust with our brand. They have a professional approach that made us feel comfortable from day one"
Tech Accessories Company, Sweden

"We wanted a fulfilment solution only. Activ8 made this easy and it has saved us getting a new warehouse whilst they have gone so much further in helping us streamline"
Golf Equipment Company, London

"I had a house full of products and was spending my time picking and packing and unable to develop my business. Their approach to a start up has been fantastic and allowed me to focus on other parts of my business"
Health & Safety Start Up, London

"When you look at the level of their services, Activ8 do everything a business needs to function successfully online. Our growing pains were needing staff do do everything from picking and packing to social media. They do it all at a fraction of the financial and focus costs we would have endured ourselves."
Tech Accessories Start Up, Oxford University

How do you start with Activ8?

We start with an audit of your brand, how it is currently positioned online and in the market generally and where you, the brand owner, want to get your products. We keep the simple things simple and focus on the crucial elements for providing the foundations for success that we brought to our own products. We have the empathy to understand the challenges a brand will face in getting their products in front of the right people.

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